Marching In - New EP Out Now

New 5-track EP "Marching In" OUT NOW

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Make way for the wayward saints! Saint Bad Mouth Betty, Saint Jimmy the Snitch, Saint Hoochie Koochie Mamma, Saint All Night Diner . . . and more. I'm thrilled to announce the release of my new EP - Marching In, which includes the much-anticipated recording of "Horse-Headed Goddess of Mercy"! Produced by the fantastic T.J. Eckleberg, this eclectic album contains groove-laden spoken word, a late-night ballad and lots of soul! 

It's available on all digital platforms. Below are some handy links, but pretty much just enter "Phil Norton" into your digital media store or streaming platform, and "Marching In" will be there!

I can't tell you all how excited I am about this album! Working with T.J. has been a miracle. So wonderful to finally meet someone who not only gets my work, but can bring it to life in a way that is more than I could ever have done on my own. You can find out more about T.J. and his music on his bandcamp site

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Poet + Producer + Performer =
Something Different
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Any reader who follows the instructions given in these poems may not learn atomic physics,
but they will learn about the amazing mind and imagination of Philip Norton.

                                  - Billy Collins
                    Former U.S. Poet Laureate
                    on Teach Yourself Atomic Physics

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More soon ... 

Phil Norton live at Kyoto Flame

Hello everyone … Been far too long. I think I burned myself out launching the site last year and then haven't been updating it very often. Hoping that will change and will update more regularly from now on. I'll be putting some videos up once or twice a month I hope. Will have more words and audio as well. Will do me best...

Featured Words

Postcard from the Future

Dear Yesterday,
NOW is so fast the weather isn't here yet.  NOW is big like a brother and more expensive than a greasy quantum mechanic’s bill for overhauling your fate.  NOW pops out of every second's birthday cake wearing nothing but a watch.  NOW does a mobius striptease to the beat of your heart. NOW is half-naked. The future is NOW (but just a little bit later).
    Tomorrow (and Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow)

Busted headlight
Missing wheel
Dead transmission
That's how I feel
No destination
And no bus token
All 'cause this love inside of me 
remains unspoken
Empty bottle
Burnt-out sign
Run-down wristwatch 
Run out of time
My picture's faded
The mirror's broken
All 'cause this love inside of me 
remains unspoken
Silence isn't golden it's a cell
It's not that I can't feel
I just can't tell
My heart is sealed in walls of stone
They keep me safe 
And so alone
The password from my prison cell
Is "you"
Rusted hinges
Bolted door
Half-way staircase
Can't find the floor
The window's shuttered
The lock won't open
All 'cause this love inside of me 
remains unspoken

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