Here's where the music and spoken word etc lives. I'll be adding more as I go. You can listen all you want for free. If you want to download some tracks then of course, please do!


Marching In EP

New 5-track EP "Marching In" OUT NOW

- Available from your favourite digital stores and streaming platforms! -

Make way for the wayward saints! Saint Bad Mouth Betty, Saint Jimmy the Snitch, Saint Hoochie Koochie Mamma, Saint All Night Diner . . . and more. I'm thrilled to announce the release of my new EP - Marching In, which includes the much-anticipated recording of "Horse-Headed Goddess of Mercy"! Produced by the fantastic T.J. Eckleberg, this eclectic album contains groove-laden spoken word, a late-night ballad and lots of soul! 

It's available on all digital platforms. Below are some handy links, but pretty much just enter "Phil Norton" into your digital media store or streaming platform, and "Marching In" will be the there!

I can't tell you all how excited I am about this album! Working with T.J. has been a miracle. So wonderful to finally meet someone who not only gets my work, but can bring it to life in a way that is more than I could have ever done on my own. You can find out more about T.J. and his music on his bandcamp site

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Free Preachermansays Sampler

Preachermansays Sampler

Phil Norton aka Preachermansays

Free sampler of tracks from Phil Norton aka Preachermansays. Includes songs, spoken-word, jazztronika, poetry and looping. Enjoy.

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Horse-Headed Goddess of Mercy - Demo

Phil Norton aka Preachermansays


Horse-Headed Goddess of Mercy - Demo

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Demo Version of Horse-Headed Goddess of Mercy.

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From the flyer:

What we got for you here is....... Phil Norton who with musical panache insists in song and word that he is NOT a musician.

Max Dodds, is a Canadian who - according to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen - is an even greater songwriter than Alexander Graham Bell.

Atlanta-based Nick Takénobu Ogawa, a classically trained musician and composer who takes a dash of bluegrass, a hint of blues, adds a heart-full of non-traditional sounds and lets it all out on his cello.